2023 Workshops

Fidget Quilts

The Programs Committee started off the year with a double session of instruction on making “Fidget Quilts” in January. Five APQG members participated on Tuesday the 17th, and other seven or so attended on Wednesday the 18th. Janis introduced the project idea at our Guild meeting last October. (See photos of two of her sample quilts below.) New member Carolyn F. has lots of experience with Fidget Quilts too, so the two of them worked together to lead the workshops.

Completed quilts will be donated to local veterans, rest homes (like Peak Resources in Graham), etc. Members are surveying the community for other possible recipients. This is a new outreach project for our Guild, but we hope it will become a continuing way of serving our community.

“Show and Tell” of Fidget Quilts at Guild meeting on February 15. (Our two workshop leaders are wearing red.)

Upcoming Educational Opportunities

For Members of either APQG or BCQG – “ASTRODELIC”

  • Project: “Astrodelic Wall Hanging” – taught by Janis. (Attendance is limited to 10.)
  • Date: March 10 (Friday of the quilt show)
  • Time: 9 AM to 2 PM (tentative)
  • Location: Elon Community Church – in the “Activity Room”
  • Cost: $50 (includes kit of fabrics) or $30 if you provide your own.
“Astrodelic” is a free pattern, but Janis has adapted it to use 2.5 inch strips.

Other Workshop Possibilities

I’m not sure what the Programs Committee has planned, but I have overheard a couple of members volunteer to lead a workshop session on making scrappy projects like these pictured below.

Stay tuned for more details.