Past Workshops

Several times a year, our Program Committee organizes formal workshops for members. Teachers may be paid professionals, but are more often members of the Guild who have skills to share.

This is a patriotic version of the “Trip Around the World” quilt Leona taught members how to make in October of 2021. Her “sample quilt” was presented to a veteran in November of that year.

Leona’s sample “Trip Around the World” quilt

“Bell Hop” Demonstrations by guild members – February 2022

As the “program” of a recent monthly meeting, three of our guild members demonstrated how to make items that would be good to make and sell at our upcoming boutique at the quilt show. Here Dianne is showing and explaining how to make a microwave-safe “baked potato bag.” Each of the three demos lasted 20 minutes, for a full one-hour program. The other two projects demonstrated were crayon rolls, and a 10-Minute Table Runner.

Workshop with the Pizza Girls – “Night Sky” block

These ladies are at a monthly guild meeting during “Show and Tell” showing the result of a workshop held earlier that month on how to make a “Night Sky” block. Making one block was quite challenging. A few of them did later complete a quilt!

Show and Tell

We try to make time for “show and tell” at most of our monthly meetings. This is one of the best ways to get inspired to try something new! You often hear, “I want to make a quilt like that,” and before you know it, we are signing up for a workshop taught by one of our talented members!