Artsy Group – 2019 Archives

In 2019, a smaller group of guild members began meeting an extra day each month to learn about more “artsy” or modern techniques – that may or may not actually lead to quilts! We learned about designing with basic shapes, painting on fabric with Inktense pencils, making our own stamps to make printed designs, using a computerized fabric cutting machine to prepare designs to for “applique” quilt projects, etc.

Workshop with Roxanne Lessa

In April of 2019, we participated in a workshop called “Teeny Tiny Art Quilts.” Here is a photo from that workshop, taught by Roxanne Lessa. She even taught us basic elements of design! By the end of the day, we had designed our shapes, fused fabrics onto a background, and made a small quilt that was intended to be mounted on a wooden-framed canvas and hung on the wall as “art!”

Mini Quilt Show – block variation

In October of 2019, we held a mini show during our regular Piecemakers meeting to share with the guild the results of an “artsy challenge” – to take a basic quilt block and make it “artsy.” Here are several of the resulting mini quilts. Can you see basketweave, flying geese, monkey wrench, bear claw, Jacob’s ladder, bow tie, 9-patch? What else?

Song Quilt Challenge

Just before the pandemic, the next challenge was issued – to make a quilt that illustrated our favorite song! I think we may see one of these song quilts in the “Art Feeds the Soul” Quilt Show. That would be appropriate, don’t you think?

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